About Us

 Ahlena Black is a wife, mother of 5 daughters and grandma to one amazing boy. She started learning about holistic health in the early 2000's and from there became a Yoga teacher in 2017, a Foot Zoner in 2018 and a Master Herbalist in 2022. She was raised in a family that used food and herbs to heal common ailments and her own family has been her inspiration, motivation and reason to learn more. Mother Herb, natural healing education, came from her passion to teach and share what she knows to be true, that our bodies are divinely designed to heal. She has a loving and straight forward style of communication and loves teaching in group settings. She lives in Kaysville Utah with her husband Cooper and daughters. 
Roxie Inloes has a diverse set of skills and experiences. As a mother of eight, including four natural births, one of those a set of twins, she has firsthand knowledge of the challenges and joys of raising healthy children. Her journey as a mother reflects strength, resilience, and a deep connection to the natural process. Roxie's holistic approach to life encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, reflecting a commitment to overall well-being. By addressing the mind, body, and spirit, Roxie's experience goes beyond traditional approaches. Her holistic perspective recognizes the interconnectedness of these three aspects and seeks to empower individuals to achieve balance and fulfillment in all areas of their lives. Whether through mindset coaching, herbalism, footzonology, or permaculture principles, Roxie Inloes' philosophy is centered around promoting holistic well-being and encouraging people to thrive on multiple levels.
Alicia Ahlstrom