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What is Herbalism

Herbalism is the study and practice of using plants and plant-based substances for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. It involves understanding the properties of herbs and their application to promote health and well-being.

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Welcome to Mother Herb, natural healing education.  We are Alicia (our head), Ahlena (our gut) and Roxie (our heart) and we are so excited that you are here! Combined we are the mothers of 15 wonderful children and have years of experience comforting, soothing and healing the bodies and minds of those we love. We are passionate about sharing what we have learned as mothers, coaches, foot zoners and herbalists. Our mission is to help you embrace a healing mindset, learn how to cleanse and nourish the body by using whole foods and herbs, and gain the confidence you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

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What People Are Saying

  • "It’s a little hard to put into words how much regular visits to Ahlena has improved my life. I’ve been dealing with a number of health issues: chronic joint pain, reduced physical capacity after surgeries, peripheral neuropathy, etc. As such, I’ve been taking an inordinately large amount of prescription medications. All of which have side effects that are less than ideal. The amount of knowledge that Ahlena possesses is impressive. Not only can I get an expert foot zoning done, but we also discuss my ailments and medications. Ahlena has helped open my eyes to herbs and natural supplements. I didn’t know anything prior to discussing with her. I now feel quite confident in the medicines that I take. The primary reason for that is because they are natural. I don’t have the horrible side effects anymore. I feel like a whole new person. I have now nearly stopped taking every prescription medication. With Ahlena’s guidance I use natural herbal products and I feel so much better. My body feels so much better! I was a true skeptic when it came to the idea of foot zoning. But out of frustration I was willing to try anything. Oh boy was I wrong! Foot zoning is simply amazing. I’m amazed at what Ahlena can tell is going on in my body from a foot zone. This skeptic is now a believer. Go see Ahlena! Your body will thank you."

    Ryan R.
  • "I’m completely floored by the benefits I saw from using the herbs Roxie gave me! The initial
    problem I came to her with was completely taken care of, but imagine my delight when several other problems disappeared as well! What a relief to experience positive side effects from taking something instead of fixing one problem, but adding more. I’m still enjoying the benefits! Thank you so much Roxie!"

    Jenny B.
  • "Roxie’s knowledge and understanding of natural, organic resources and their potential for healing and overall health and wellness is invaluable for those of us in her community. I have reached out multiple times to get guidance and essential products that have blessed my family. She very thoughtfully responds to our questions and requests. We’re so grateful to know her
    and to feel like we can call on her to utilize her skills."

    Erin Y.
  • “I’ve personally benefited from Roxie’s wisdom for 10+ years. She’s not only a friend but a soul sister to me. Roxie has many talents... One of them being her genuine love she shows others. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to healing our bodies with herbs and naturopathy. I know I called her for many things, many times, like a nagging cough, bone support, cold sores,
    and helping with natural births just to name a few. Her ability to explain and teach others is definitely a strength has. She has a passion for earth’s natural medicines and truly knows her stuff. I still call on her to inquire about healing remedies.”

    Wendy J.
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